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web Design & Development

we do web design a little differentLY…

your website is going to be the first thing that most of your customers see about you, so it should make a good impression. we strive to create a site that is reflective of who you are, not just information about what you do. the best part is that not only can we develop your website, but we can create all of the content, write all of the copy, and even host it on our own servers…now that’s full service.

so why should you care if we can create everything as well as build and deploy your website? wow, that’s a great question. the reason is that there’s no downtime while we wait for the video production company to send us the latest version of your video, the graphic designers to send the latest assets, or the copywriters to send the last section on your home page. we also don’t have to worry about assets being sent in the wrong format. and if your site goes down we can access it and have you back up without having to go through another company, because it’s on our servers.


The Ole’ Hitchin Post

Jay and Krissy Ropp came to us after buying The Ole’ Hitchin Post in Larwill, IN. After talking with them, learning about their goals and their family, and having some really amazing food we designed them a new logo, interviewed them for a short video, took a bunch of photos, and built them a new website. We couldn’t be happier with how everything came out! Take a look at the results, but just a word of warning, don’t look on an empty stomach!

Lisette Cifaldi

When Lisette came to us she was starting her private practice and needed a website that would help tell her prospective clients who she is and what she does as well as allowing them to connect with her. We wanted to create a simple, clean, modern site for Lisette. You can check out what we came up with by clicking on the website photo.

Jessie mae music

This one is more personal for us. Aside from being one half of peace love films, Jess is also a singer/song writer, so when she decided to pursue her passion for music we knew we had to create a website that really reflected her personality.  You can see what we came up with, and get to know Jess a little better by checking out her website!

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